Who is The Pastor’s Wife?



They say I have my hands full… and sure, I guess I can’t negate that… but, I’d rather say that my cup is full, so full its running over!mothersday pic

I am married to a wonderful man, who has a precious calling on his life. He was called into ministry in the first year of college, and has pursued it ever since, even in hard, hard, HARD times! I am so glad I married him. He has led me to many different places in our marriage, and the adventures have been wonderful… mainly because he was by my side. We have four beautiful children. Zech came in 2005. That’s been my biggest adventure! I can move from Missouri, to Minneapolis, to St. Louis, to CALIFORNIA, and then to Wisconsin and back to Minnesota… but nothing compares to the adventure having children has been! Lily came the next year (2006), then Ruby was added in 2010, and Nate in 2011.  My plate is full, and I love it!  We home school.  I am scared each year!  But knowing I am in God’s will as I teach my kids calms those fears by the first day of school!

Its been my dream to be a pastor’s wife for a long time. I feel like although we do not preach each sunday, or even teach a sunday school class, we minister in other small ways. I love that part of ministry. I love praying for people, talking to people, and hugging people when they need it. I live on God’s word, and pray I do a good job for Him!

Please feel free to email me for any prayer requests you may have. Leave your number if you’d like a phone call. I’d love to chat if you need it.

email me at Pastorswifeslife@gmail.com

What do you think?

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