Are You Using What you Have?

I recently got a new crockpot. A Pioneer Woman one at that! The fabulous Black Friday sale was too good to pass up plus with our family growing bigger my smaller one wasn’t getting the job done. Since Black Friday I’ve been dying to use it. I mean, hotdogs can be made in a crock pot, right?

I actually know people who get great and wonderful gadgets then let them sit unused. When Instant Pot was first out women grabbed them up… then got too scared to use them. I know of families who buy brand new cars then let them sit in their garages. What are they waiting for?

As I pulled out my beautiful crockpot I was struck with the sadness of all the things we possess and never use. And I’m not just speaking about tangible things. If you are a Christian, God has given you tools to live out this new life. Are you using them?

When a person accepts Jesus and chooses to live life as His follower they are equipped with tools that enable them to live out the circumstances in their lives. Tools like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control (among many others). Just like any tool put in our hands we do have to learn how to use them. But if we put those tools away and never use them, we’ll never learn.

If you’ve been a christian for any amount of time and there is no change in your life, there’s an indication you’re not using the tools given to you. You are getting a wonderful Instant Pot and allowing it to collect dust… only this is much more detrimental to your life.

If you are a stressed out mother and you find yourself screaming at your kids for everything they do and you are NOT trying desperately to stop that destructive behavior, you are parking a brand new vehicle in the garage while you drive a rusted out, beat up, barely working lemon of a car.

If you are walking around unable to forgive, carrying bitterness and anger as a beloved backpack, you are getting a brand new family portrait and hiding it behind your couch never to see it or use it!

Why would we do that? Why would we recieve a gift, buy a product, purchase a prized possession only to discard it never to use it again?

The same is true with God. Why do we insist on walking this life with tools that are going unused.

I’m not speaking to the struggles that we are aware of and working through. We all make mistakes, and we are not going to be perfect this side of heaven. So if you are struggling and seeking God and learning to use the tools He gives you, then you are moving in the right direction. Instead I’m speaking to the veteran Christian who is perfectly fine living with the frustrations that come along with unused tools. I’m speaking to that (I’m getting real here, bear with me) mom who criticizes everything that annoys her about her kids. She nit picks and gripes and fights and pulls her hair out never stopping to seek God’s patience, kindness, or self-control. I’m speaking to the grocery shopper that leaves church one minute and yells at the cashier the next never stopping and asking God to build gentleness within them. I’m speaking to the Christian who chooses to worry over every uncertainty, losing sleep instead of seeking out how to use the faith God has equipped us with. We have a toolbox full of shiny new (expensive… they cost Jesus His life) tools and never even open the box.

We were not meant to live this way. In the modern world we often say, “There’s an app for that”. And then we forget to turn to the source of all things good and find the help we need. There’s a scripture for that. There are tools all over the Word that are there to equip you to live the life God intended you to live. It was never His intention for you to be the source of criticism towards your children. He never wanted you to be the grumpy customer, or the pacing worrisome christian. He came to give you an abundant life. That life just may come with trials that require you to overcome big obstacles… but there’s tools for that, too. He has never left you to figure it out on your own.

So, first, if you own a new beautiful Crock Pot… USE IT!!! If you purchased an Instant Pot years ago and have been too scared to use it, Get that thing out and whip up some beautiful eggs… You’ll thank me later when you peel them! If you took out a large loan on a spectacular vehicle and it’s just sitting in your garage… sell it or take it for a spin… and especially if you are a born-again, bought by His sacrifice, beloved child of God open that tool box and utilize the tools God has gifted you.

Struggling with a griping/criticizing/annoyed spirit? Google search alone brings up scriptures that will help.

Do you feel you lack patience? Google “Scripture about patience”

Do you lack faith to get you through the hard times in life? Search scriptures that will reinforce the tools He has already given.

(click on any of the hyperlinks above for a quick google search).

Reading the word is a great start… but it’s up to you to start using the tools. Take your emotions captive, submit to God and begin to change. You don’t have to do it alone. God desires for change to happen in your heart.

I’m walking this path with you. I’m fully aware that I struggle in areas that do not glorify God. I’m not pointing the finger, instead I’m offering a helping hand. We can do this together. One of the tools God gave us is fellow believers. Iron sharpens iron.

When I purchase a gift for someone, I like to put thought into it. I want to spend my money on things the person will use and cherish. If I buy my kids a toy and that toy sits in it’s box unused I feel slighted in some way. I imagine God feels somewhat the same. When he purchased salvation and abundant life for you with the shedding of His Son’s blood, just imagine what it does to His heart when you push it aside and never use the gift? I’m sad for those still walking in the old pattern of things when new gifts are at their fingertips.

Let’s join together and break out those tools we all have at our disposal. What a life we have ahead of us if we do.

If you have never accepted Jesus’s gift of salvation, you have an unopened gift waiting for you. The gift has been purchased, wrapped, and is available to you today. Are you ready to open it! It is a gift that keeps on giving! Please message me at, I’d love to discuss with you how you can unwrap this precious gift just for you!