St. James Takes the Cake

cupcakeMay 25th of last year, we loaded our family, our belongings, and our faith and moved. The long 7 hour drive gave me plenty of time to reflect on where we’d been, come up with ideas for our future, miss those I was leaving behind, and freak out about where we were heading. Starting a brand new adventure comes with many emotions, and riding alone in the car (with the 4 kids of course) for that long brings them all out.

Many months before as Dave sent out resume upon resume to churches, I had asked him not to tell me where he was sending them. I didn’t want to put stipulations on my desires based on how cold the winters were, or how far from family it was. I wanted to ask God for His will, and follow that without hesitation. Then one day we heard that someone had called our references. We were super excited, praying for the board who was looking into us, and I had to ask the question… “Where is the church?”

St. James, MN. I looked it up, I saw that it was in MINNESOTA… and a “tiny” town on top of that. I looked up how close Target was. How close Walmart was, and how close Hobby Lobby was. All of which were more than a half an hour. At least it wasn’t 3 hours like we’d done before. And, it still wasn’t really bothering me.

By the time Dave had the Skype interview, I was in love with the idea of living in a small town. I had my fears. I worried about homeschooling in a town with no other homeschoolers. I worried about how I’d fit in. I worried about how my kids would fit in. But I didn’t worry about whether this was the right move.

Now a year later, I find many ways God has blessed this move! My kids did not go through any behavior issues that accompany a major move for small children. They made friends right away. They got involved in sports, after school programs, and many fun adventures. Our homeschool year was the best we’ve had so far.

All this to say this: When God puts a calling on your life, and your willing to follow, He will equip you with a passion for that calling. I truly enjoy the people here. I enjoy the small town. I love that we can walk anywhere we want to go! I love that people stop us on the street and ask us if we’re “new”. I love that we can talk to ANYONE and feel that we’ve known them forever! I love that I can eat at McDonalds and strike up a conversation with the lady next to us, and it feels like I had lunch with a good friend. I love our church, our church members, and my passionate Pastor!

St. James has made my year amazing. And I love that God has called us here. I love that Dave listened to God’s calling and followed Him, and lead us to St. James! It is my home. And I am looking forward to our 2nd year!


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