I get it right… sometimes

There are people out there that think other people are perfect. They (and I include myself in there) see other people with their lives all together and think to themselves, “They must be perfect.” They try to compare the perfect mom’s kids to their own. They start to wonder why the perfect mom has perfect hair while their hair can never even look combed in comparison.

Well, my confession today (and if you’ve been following, you can find the previous ones here, here, and here) is that there are days I actually do things right. In a world where Moms just have to speak negatively about themselves, this is a big deal. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I’m just saying there are days when I wake with a good attitude, I get my shower in, I teach the kids (ALL of them), no one goes bizerk, I stay calm, I get my housework done, I get my check list done… and I get to bed on time. It’s a miracle, it’s rare, and it’s WONDERFUL. We don’t like to share these kinds of accomplishments because other moms feel judged by our boast. They feel like you are telling them they don’t measure up. And that’s just the wrong way to think about it. The Bible says to rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn. Never rejoice as someone else is crying over the horrible day they had. But it’s okay to thank God for giving you a great day.

This was NOT one of those “just right” days. I tried forever to get a group shot, and settled for one where it only appeared that the baby was smiling… he’s not, he’s VERY upset! But, hey, I look like I have it all together, don’t I? 🙂

Lesson Learned? Not to boast in myself, but in the Lord. Those days where I felt I finally did it all right that day (not saying I was sinless, I’m saying I did a good job being a mommy) Are the days I started with a devotion, I started praying before planning. They are the days I gave over to God instead of waking up saying, “TODAY I CONQUER THE WORLD”. These are the days where I took deep breaths instead of took deep offenses. I spoke blessings over my kids instead of overflowing negativity. The days where I felt I did okay are days I only cared how God saw me, not how the mother next door viewed my parenting. It didn’t mean my hair was perfect, or that my clothes were designer, it didn’t equate to having the perfect combination of vitamins to minerals, but the right amount of me with an over abundance of God. I look back to these days to remind me that it is possible, that God does desire for me to succeed. And if I include Him in each aspect of my day, I have a better chance of getting it right. I learn from my mistakes, but I also learn from what went right. And on these days when things go just right, take note and try to do it again. It’s my motivation on my very very bad days when nothing seems to go right.


What do you think?

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