When is full too full? Another confession…

I’m doing a number of Mommy confessions over the next few days, if you’d like to read the previous ones, go here. Today’s is pretty bad… 😉

I remember when I had my first child, my husband’s sister would come over to babysit, or to just visit and she’s pick up my little one and say, “I think he peed.” I’d reply with, “Oh, I just changed him 10 minutes ago, he’s fine.” She looked at me like I was SO disgusting. I swear she had a nose of a prime hunting dog. We would change him every 2 hours unless there was a real mess in there. (Plus, the diapers draw moisture away, he didn’t feel it, and let’s face it, DIAPERS ARE EXPENSIVE).  So, I’d love to stop here and tell you that my confession is that I didn’t change my kids diapers every time they peed, but it gets worse!

Confession #3… There are times, multiple times to be more accurate that my husband (I’m including him in this one!) and I would just plain forget to change diapers and they would actually bulge, sag, and even at times explode. Most of the time it was when I thought he did the changes, he thought I did.. and there were other times with the last couple of kiddos that I simply forgot. I missed them at the one diaper change, and then totally forget the next time… either way, they would explode leaving little diaper crystals all over. Unfortunately there were times with #3 when I’d see those little crystals and wonder, “What is that” way before it actually dawned on me that I hadn’t changed her diaper yet for the day… at 10:30am! Poor babies… Poor, poor babies!

Lesson Learned? They lived! life went on, they never even complained, and I tried to do better for the rest of the day. Things happen, mom’s forget, and we move on. There is no need to dwell on minor mistakes. Diapers are made to be changed. Change them… but if you forget, laugh it off and do better next time.

This “anonymous” child, although fully potty trained now, has had the most over full diapers. I guess it’s easy to let #3 slip. Or maybe it’s because she’s the most active.


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