I confess!

My friend, Jenn, has been posting her Mommy Confessions on her facebook for the past 10 days or so. I love them so much that I decided to steal her idea. Jenn is a mom who I’ve always looked up to. Her 3 girls are very well behaved, even tempered, and fun, and since Jenn is a veteran, I enjoy seeing that she isn’t a “by the book” kind of mom either.

I do read a lot about parenting. But I disagree with probably 1/2 of it all, the other half I piece together and adapt to fit my kids. I have learned that every child is different, and that every discipline is not equal. I could make a list a mile long of confessions, of things I’ve tried that have had horrible results, or things I should try, but just don’t want to. I’ve finally reached a point where I feel some what confident that I am a good mom (that comes and goes some day). So I don’t really CARE if people judge… I’m still mothering, still raising, still have challenges, but right now I feel confident enough to share some Mommy confessions… Are you ready?

Confession #1.

I’ll start with a big one… I have once stood in my kitchen and screamed at my 3 month old, who was back in her bedroom, “SHUT UP!!!” It sounds worse than it is… well, no, I guess shouting, SHUT UP at anyone is bad. She was safe in her bed, I was a few rooms away making her a bottle at 4:30 in the morning. She was up for the 18th time that night. Oh, and I do exagerate on occasion… this is not one of those occasions. Night after night she was waking multiple times, so this particular night I started counting how many times I was awakened by this tiny baby. this was the EIGHTEENTH time. I was exhausted,(the night before had a count of over 10)..

My husband asked me when I returned to bed, “Did you just tell our baby to shut up?” I laughed a tad and went back to sleep. I’ve heard people say, “I didn’t mind getting up with the babies in the night, it gave me time to cuddle.” yea, I would much prefer to cuddle during the day, a well rested day. To tell the truth, I really don’t mind getting up ONCE. And I do enjoy that sweet encounter… ONCE. 18 times just must be my breaking point.

Lesson learned? Ask your husband for help. (or accept it when he offers). I was plagued by a husband who had just started a new job, and a child who needed to be held ALL.THE.TIME. At one point my husband said in a sleepy haze at 2am, “I don’t want anymore kids.” This was my 2nd child and I really wanted more, so I would go get her at the first little wimper so he would never hear her. MISTAKE! He was a reasonable man, I needed his help. Looking back I would have let her wimper more, asked him to at least take 4 of the 18 night calls, or maybe would have even brought her to bed with me instead of standing my ground so firmly until I broke down. But I definately needed my husband’s help, and he would have been gracious enough to give it. And he would have just gotten over it!ImageShe still wakes up in the night, but I’m calm and sweet with her, and she is independent enough to do things on her own. And we went on to have two more beauties! We all survived… and she doesn’t even know what I would scream at her way back when…


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