THE Pastor’s wife…

This is my first post as THE Pastor’s wife. I’ve always been A Pastor’s wife, but this is the first time I’m THE Pastor’s wife… it’s already so different. I knew this time would come at some point so I tried to learn as much as I could from my previous pastors’ wives (one pastor, one wife each…). I’ve had 6 to learn from. Here’s some things I already know…

1. Don’t gossip. That has to be number one… but I just HAVE to talk about the ladies in my church. I won’t use names, I don’t want to embarrass them… but it just has to be said. The women in my church… They came into my home, when I wasn’t here… and cleaned! This house was SO spotless when we moved it. It was like they KNEW me down to my cleanest fiber! I have swept and mopped on my regular schedule, and the floors just don’t seem dirty. The basement was even clean! They are my kind of women (women who like a clean house!!!). I know I shouldn’t talk about people behind their backs… but there is this one lady in my church who looks at me and I can see to her heart… she WANTS to help me! She sees Ruby misbehaving, she sees Nate clinging to me for dear life, and she WANTS to help. When Ruby will go to her, she held her until she fell asleep… and when Nate fell asleep in my arms, she went and got me pillows and propped up my arms so I wouldn’t get tired during service… the NERVE!!! I know I shouldn’t gossip, but I just can’t hold in how wonderful these ladies are to me! It puts tears in my eyes. Oh, and this OTHER woman, she thinks about my kiddos, prepares them little snack baggies of treats, shows them her garden, lets them pull rhubarb right out of her garden, then have the gall to send us home with FRESH meat (steaks even!) What is going on with these women!!!??? Oh and I haven’t even told you about the lady that goes around town talking about us. She tells everyone she knows that there’s a new pastor in town. I keep hearing that she’s been talking so nice about us, posting on her facebook that she’s so happy to have a new pastor. If she can gossip, I can too, right!?

So, I know the number one rule is no gossip, but I can’t hold in just how grateful I am already. its been 2 full weeks today, and I’m sure you could say we are in the in honeymoon stage of things, but if you knew these women, this town, this church… you’d believe like I do that this was a GREAT move for us. And that the people are just so giving, and welcoming, and fun to be around.

*Note to you… support your Pastor’s wife. They will feel SO blessed by that phone call, that little act of kindness, that word of encouragement… even if it is “I am sure being a pastor’s wife is very difficult, if you need anything, let me know” (It meant a lot to me when the ladies said it to me).

2. Another thing I’ve learned from my previous pastors’ wives is to always appear happy to be there, wherever there may be… well, I appear that way, because I FEEL that way! And I am praying earnestly that God will continue to grow these relationships and keep us all happy with the wonderful things He is doing through St. James Assembly!

**Note to you… make the places you are a place people are happy to be. If your going to back bite, be mean, talk bad about your pastor’s wife behind her back, the facade she puts on to appear happy in your presence will appear fake… only because of the severe hurt she has behind that facade. (this goes for any other human being, not just pastor’s wife). Just love!!! And the “appearance” will be a heartfelt reaction!

There are many other lessons I’ve learned along the way, I’ve had some really great first ladies to learn from, so keep checking back as I try to use this blog to inspire, share my heart, and document all that God is doing through this Pastor’s Wife’s Life!

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